747 economy class blues

I flew business class once on an international flight. I should have never looked back.

Frankfurt to Beijing: over nine hours of flying time, or as I like to see it, four in-flight movies.

I sat on the aisle (as always) on the left of the middle block of four seats during my flight. To my right were two empty seats, and another guy on the other aisle in the fourth seat.

Ticketed configuration:


(I’m the bold X).

To my left across the aisle, the guy in the middle of the three seats realized his monitor didn’t work, and took the closest seat with a working one: right next to me. He gained a vacant seat to his right, the guys on either side of his original seat were now swimming in space, and I was fighting for the armrest. Scandalous. I suppose it’s what I get for indulging on noise-canceling headphones before I left ‘to make the flight more comfortable.’

The new arrangement


During the meal, I spilled tomato sauce on my shirt – a grave matter given the limited clothing budget available in my suitcase.

Off to a good start.



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