A toast to our 7-11 bilingual bases-loaded savior

“Hey, do you guys need help?” Saved from despair at a 7-11 printing kiosk.

Call it linguistic intervention.

Dave and I were hopelessly trying to conquer a self-printing machine near the entrance of a 7-11 in Kamakura:

Connecting the phone to the machine. 

Loading the file on the phone’s SD card, and plugging that into the machine. 

Trying to print a picture file when we were actually after a PDF.

The options available to us in the English menu were nearly exhausted; the solution must lie in the much larger Japanese menu. Trial and error would take a while.

A Japanese woman walked through the door and stood behind us. But rather than complain under breath about being stuck in line behind a pair of morons – as I would have done – she piped up in perfect English:

“Do you guys need help?”

She deftly navigated the menus, and soon we had our printouts:

Tickets to a World Baseball Classic game in Tokyo.

Thanks, 7-11 polyglot printing goddess – baseball in a foreign country is on deck because of you.

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