Door to door in Bagan

**BREAKING NEWS** Thanks to a tip from an astute reader, I’ve narrowed the search for Coz.

The subject of the email read “some info.”

Leland introduced himself as a 1999 Kamiak graduate. We would have overlapped a bit in high school, but we didn’t know each other.

He’d read that I was in Asia looking for Coz, and shared some valuable insights to help narrow the search (I’ve learned Asia, as continents go, is pretty big).

“Last I heard he and his wife were teaching at an English school in Myanmar for a couple of years,” Leland wrote, adding that Coz had joked he’d get involved with the wrong crowd and end up the puppet dictator of some military junta.

I left Japan behind and turned south – my maiden forray into Southeast Asia.

First stop: Bagan, known for the thousands of pagodas – Buddhist shrines – stretching to the horizon in every direction.

Those looking to move up a peg in their next life often constructed pagodas. In Bagan they numbered in the thousands.

Some are massive structures comparable to famous cathedrals or mosques. Others are smaller affairs, but still the size of a small house.

Coz could be in any one of them, so wish me luck.

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