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Episodes 00 through 04 chronicle “Finding Coz.”

Episode 04: “Found Him!”

From Mukilteo to Myanmar – the wild goose chase to track down my former English teacher, Coz, is a success.

Episode 03: “Crazy Batshit”

I’ve left Japan and followed a lead on Coz to Myanmar, where the local friendliness will leave you covered in guano (but literally on Coz’s doorstep).

Episode 02: “Freewheelin’ Japanese Bartender”

Friends recently moved to Tokyo for work. For now, it’s more than they bargained for, but I gladly did some sightseeing on their behalf.

Episode 01: “Relative Levels of Enjoyment”

My friend Dave joined me on the podcast in Beijing to talk about traveling in breakaway republics and countries that end in ‘stan.’

Episode 00: “Setting Forth”

Not every teacher from high school inspires you to track him down on the other side of the world – but not every teacher is Coz.

For the pilot episode of the podcast, I’m joined by my friend Matt to talk about Coz and ways he’s inspired us – from our reading habits to our spontaneous travel impulses.